About Andrew Towning

Celebrating his 15th year as a writer, Andrew has secured his place in the pages of gripping crime thrillers with eight Jake Dillon novels to his name since 2006. Andrew Towning has created a hero, Dillon – a rogue who harbours an invincible power within – unstoppable when forced into an unconscious mind.

Read Andrew Towning and enter a world of crime, adventure, espionage, worldwide defence and government duplicity – simply gripping!

The sixth in the series, The Cutter sees Towning at his best and Dillon in a state of mind that facilitates academic tactics and an insight into his silent emotions. In a world of beauty, diamonds, treachery and mutilation Dillon is taken back to a crime perpetrated in 2000. Sandbanks to Venice, New York to London - blood diamonds have never cost so much; death, deceit, discection and desperation...

Andrew’s first novel – The Constantine Legacy debuts the rough-edged, ex-army intelligence officer to us – a Cabinet Minister’s sunken cruiser at the bottom of the English Channel – who saw the web of deceit infected by the Sicilian Mafia approaching?

His second crime-thriller Dead Men Don’t Bite – takes a deep breath and dives into the underworld of the Nazi occupation in Jersey, it delves into the spiritual irony of the Spear of Destiny – from London to Jersey – Dillon confronts wartime betrayal and deathly dangers…

The third in the series – Shroud of Concealment sees an innocent art student unearth a trail of international art theft from Boston to Bournemouth – enter Asian drug cartels and one of Dillon’s most vengeful adversaries, who will be tough enough to break the back of this stunning stand-off that is related to the Brinks Mat robbery?

The Chimera Code is a pacey, deathly chase from Sandbanks to Santorini in a complex battle between the establishment and cyber terror, accompanied by a faceless army of assassins - can Dillon avert an international and personal meltdown? He fights faith and political persuasion to save more than his own skin.

In the fifth thriller Powder Diamonds sees Dillon re-live a nightmare from the past, and hunt his demons into the future. From Sandbanks in Poole – Dillon’s soul-town – he pursues some of the most ruthless drug barons in the land, to Paris, from the confines of Hong Kong jails and through the streets of London. His team close at his side – maybe too close? Powder Diamonds is a seamless progression from the cyber horrors of his fourth novel, the assassin-drenched Chimera Code. From Sandbanks to Santorini, the real Dillon emerges from the depths of his psyche.

Tide Runner sees Dillon on the trail of organised criminals involved in a plot against our national security. From Sandbanks in Poole - he assumes another identity and persues ruthless traffickers across the English Channel to France. His investigation leads him to the island of Guernsey and eventually to the Brière national park in Brittany, France’s second largest area of marshland after the Camargue. It's here that he soon discovers the the truth along with the enormity of the threat to the UK...

The eighth and latest in the series When Dead is Dead has maverick agent Jake Dillon deployed to Budapest to track down Eastern Europe’s most treacherous and deceptive arms dealers, only to battle his way through duplicity and disappointment to a heart racing trail of weapons of undeniable mass destruction.