The Constantine Legacy

This is the first in the series and is the book that sets the scene for hero Jake Dillon – a former Army Intelligence Officer

This thriller sees Dillon interwoven with KGB spies and American drug traffickers amid a backdrop of blackmail!

The Government's cabinet minister is in trouble it seems – a sunken boat off the coast of Dorset, gold bullion and drugs – however, all is not as it seems as a set of sinister events unravel to take Jake to the Balearic Islands and North Africa in a quest to get the answers required by his masters at Ferran & Cardini!

The Constantine Legacy

Locations for The Constantine Legacy

Sandbanks, Poole Harbour and the Jurassic coast – used as the backdrop for my first and second novels with cliffs deeply embedded with all history alongside sandy beaches that enjoy a blue flag status. Such diversity, natural beauty, wealth and vibrancy can only inspire words to flow.

Of course there is also the underbelly of such an affluent area that brings out a natural inquisitiveness in a writer. The criminality, drugs, prostitution and organised smuggling - that never cease to intrigue and create a wealth of story lines…

Marrakesh abounds with mystery and intrigue, story tellers, and the bustling sounds and smells of the Medina. To this day the ‘red city’ still attracts those involved in the world of espionage, and where clandestine meetings can happen with ease and total anonymity.

The spectacular backdrop of the Atlas Mountains with snow caps in summer, make this magical place an obvious choice for the thriller writer to include.

Majorca - north end of the island is rugged and naturally beautiful with extreme wealth, film stars and high flyers living throughout the area.

Puerto Pollensa is home to Sunseeker International on the island. I’ve been holidaying there for over 25 years and know the area well.