Andrew Towning

Celebrating nearly 20 years as a novelist , Andrew has worked tirelessly on the breathtaking assignments of his hero, ex-army intelligence officer Jake Dillon. His death defying assignments see Dillon's dark and deadly side emerge as he tackles the most insidious of crimes and bleakest of threats to international security. Breaking every rule, and nearly breaking himself, what lengths will Dillon go to for the greater good? Faced with adversity, depravity and greed, can Dillon take on such violence single-handedly? Only you will find the answer in the Dillon series of action crime thrillers. Get ready for the ride...

"Read Towning's Dillon series for yourself and enter a detailed and terrifying world of crime, adventure, espionage, international defence, and government duplicity – simply gripping!" Enjoy-It Magazine 2023


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