Tide Runner

A contract killer is executed by garrotte, his body thrown into the English Channel from the boat transporting him to the UK.

A Guernsey man whose complicity is driven solely to get enough money together to send his seriously ill daughter to Switzerland for life saving treatment. A billionaire who disappears into thin air but is held captive at his chateau in the Bretagne area of northern France. An Italian Interpol officer on the trail of corruption and murder who has romantic aspirations for Dillon.

From Poole Harbour to the British Channel island of Guernsey. Dillon embarks on what will be one of the most dangerous assignments of his career. He discovers that his targets are no small-time criminals but ruthless men trafficking people, who will stop at nothing to protect a sinister secret and their fanatical fascist conspiracy to overthrow the British Government.

Locations for The Tide Runner

Sandbanks, Wareham and Swanage – used as the backdrop for my first and second novels with cliffs deeply embedded with all history alongside sandy beaches that enjoy a blue flag status. Such diversity, natural beauty, wealth and vibrancy can only inspire words to flow.

Of course there is also the underbelly of such an affluent area that brings out a natural inquisitiveness in a writer. The criminality, drugs, prostitution and organised smuggling - that never cease to intrigue and create a wealth of story lines…

The island of Guernsey has had a long and eventful history, much of it shrouded in mystery and folklore, and visitors are often gripped by tales of the island’s past.

Northeast of Guérande is the Brière National Park, France’s second largest area of marshland after the Camargue.

In past times, Brière was a centre for peat digging and reed picking but now it’s a Mecca for tourists who come to observe its birdlife and explore its canals and islands by boat.