The Chimera Code

From Scotland and Santorini to Sandbanks; Dillon in lured into a battle against an invisible adversary – the ultimate destructive technology The Chimera Code – a programme commissioned by the British Government that changes objectives at the hands of a double turncoat ex KGB spy! Dillon keeps his closest by his side, but whom can he trust?

Can he cheat death at the hands of the Assassins and can he get to the bottom of the demise of Scorpion – a secret organisation existing to fight a covert war against fanatics of every faith and political persuasion.

The Chimera Code

Locations for Chimera Code


Jake’s sanctuary and a beautiful place to retreat!
Until the calm is shattered by the arrival of Tatiana and another Ferran & Cardini assignment.

Poole Harbour

The second largest natural harbour in the world!
Vessels of all sizes make their way through the channels of the Harbour – who knows what they carry and who is watching them!


A stunning backdrop and one that easily fool the innocent into a false sense of security – but who knows what lies below?