Shroud of Concealment

The third of the series and one that sees the theft of fine art – a Vermeer stolen from Boston – Dillon takes a fast track to source more information on the theft and in turn all close to him become targets!

Mix this with gold bullion, hidden pasts that terrify and take Jake to New Delhi, throughout the streets of London and deep into Dorset's infamous Sandbanks peninsula!

Locations for Shroud of Concealment

Lyme Regis was chosen for the location of the solitary house (found after taking a wrong turn up an unmade lane) in the middle of a wood, and where Dillon took on those men sent to kill him.

The other locations used in this novel were used, but never visited!

What a wonder the internet is…

London is used throughout the series as Ferran & Cardini’s HQ. Docklands and the East End are two areas that I’ve visited and know fairly well.

Very exciting and very inspiring…