Andrew Towning

When Dead is Dead

Maverick agent Jake Dillon is deployed to Budapest to track down Eastern Europe’s most treacherous and deceptive arms dealers, only to battle his way through duplicity and disappointment to a heart racing trail of weapons of undeniable mass destruction.

Alongside old allies, good vs evil rampage on land and sea, where Dillon is lured by tiers of foul and treacherous players from Africa, China, North Korea and Russia, all bidding for the fatal prize – will they stop at anything? Where chemical weapons combine with filthy money, gross decadence and unspeakable arrogance and greed – could it ever end well?

Leave Dillon to do what he does best… fight, kill, fly, spy and outwit as only he can… but when dead is dead, and when the chips are down, who will survive in the end - to outbid the rest of the world?

A complex crime thriller, Towning brings Dillon alive - even when dead is dead!