Locations for The Cutter


One of the most beautiful cities, and diamond capital of the world. And now the home to greed, lies, mutilation and murder.

Home of the Caravello Diamond Gallery, Cannaregio, the Baglioni Hotel Luna and answers - a city that Marco Pagani knows like the back of his hand...


The Pig on the Beach Hotel in Studland, on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset.

A beautiful boutique hotel and restaurant on the cliffs overlooking Old Harry Rocks and far east down the coast towards Sussex.

A cosy bar, roaring fires and a covert hiding place for Marco in the short term, although maybe not as covert as Maddison Grey made out..


The modest home of Marco Pagani and Dillon's stomping ground of old, a beautiful fishing town with secrets.

Nestled on the north shore of the second largest natural harbour in the world, Poole Quay and Old Town Poole both fertile breeding grounds for pirates and smuggling, and today for corruption and lies. "...and he was ready for it, whatever happened now he was ready. He wasn't!"


Manhattan Island, on West 47th between Fifth and Sixth Avenues there are international diamond deals in abundance in the home of Maddison Grey, a cosmopolitan backdrop for the unconventional and unforgiving diamond dealer whose life is not what it seems.

GMT allows for cyber tactics, smoke screens after all, Maddison can look after herself, Ruger LC9 or not...