Locations for Powder Diamonds

Hong Kong

Hong Kong -the fate of Jasper Nash is in the balance as he is incarcerated in a Hong Kong prison after being found in possession of 10-kilos of uncut cocaine - possibly just days away from death he is pardoned and returns from the hell of the Hong Kong judicial system to the hell that awaits him at the hands of Maximilian Kane.

I wanted a prison that would reflect the horrors of middle eastern drug crime.


The location of the undercover investigation into the depths of the crimes of Maximilian Kane and Jasper Nash.

The infamous peninsula is home to Dillon, his Swedish partner - the highly trained intelligence officer with a master’s degree in psychology and another in criminology, Inger Lindberg and the rest of his team - who is preying on who?

A beautiful and affluent back drop, which I love, to a dark and intriguing story line.

The Chewton Glen

The world famous luxury hotel on the New Forest. Here Maximilian Kane takes Jasper Nash's lover Martha to wine and dine her in a bid to take even more of Nash's world away from him - Martha sees through Kane and leaves in a state of contempt.

This is one of my favourite hotels and restaurants in the country, if not the world!