About Andrew Towning

Towning - Dillon's Doppelganger?

Andrew Towning is himself an action hero, having diligently penned eight Jake Dillon novels since 2006, his determination and commitment to current affairs, international security and the finest of details from any of the incredible locations that his hero Jake Dillon finds himself, make this set of crime thrillers something to adore, and respect!

One can only draw similarities between Dillon and Towning himself. Both are charismatic, tall, dark and handsome with a charm that can penetrate the most cynical!

Towning can write the series with authority, his knowledge of international affairs, government policy, global threats to security is fascinating, and his quality of research makes for a read that is gripping, believable, and both shocking and rewarding in equal measures - all the while one's relationship with Dillon deepens...

As well as honing Dillon's character on a daily basis, Andrew runs his own business in Dorset, he lives in the country with his wife and beloved dogs. He has two daughters - both of whom have contributed to the series in one way or another. His desire to live near the coast and the Sandbanks peninsula is something that regular readers will recognise in Dillon's roots, many of his novels feature the unique location, among others around the south of England, to name but a few.

Towning is a character of many talents, and you will feel some of these emitting from the page of his Dillon thrillers, no less than the eagerly awaited thriller number nine, to be launched on Amazon later this year.

Watch this space!